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New Growth Business

Battery Pack Module Business

Since 2015, SHINHEUNG SEC Co., Ltd. has built the consortiums or partnerships with many companies for electric vehicles (xEV), the energy storage system (ESS) and electric scooters (E-Scooter) businesses.
In 2015, the first Jeju electric bus in Korea, which adopted our air-cooled xEV battery pack module, was successfully developed.
We have many experts, especially the experts for battery and battery process, the experts for electrical system and parts and the experts for mechanical system and parts, etc.
Electric Vehicle (xEV), ESS photo
01Battery pack module for xEV
2.52KWh Prismatic EV pack for E-Bus (Air-cooled type)
Two-storied 2.52KWh(3P,8S) Tray Laser welding & assembly
18KWh Cylindrical EV battery pack (Large cell bolting type)
Large cell assembly, Module assembly
4kwh EV battery module with heat sinkable aluminum case (One-body module type)
*Energy: 4KWh, *capacity:183Ah, *Nom. Voltage : 22Vdc, *Construction: 18650LIB, 6S/64P, *Weight: 19.2 kg
02Battery pack module for ESS (Energy Storage System)
Single plate large cell(1S/80P, 160Ah), Laser welded module(14S/10P, 1.4KWh), Laser welded module w/ case(14S/20P, 2.9KWh) 14 Series module specification (48V system compatible) Note : 1) Battery can be flexibly chosen to meet various required specification 2) Above 14 series module table is excerpted onlyfor understanding purpose. Various customization requirements for voltage, current and power etc., can be easily met Nano/Micro-grid application Features : Battery module structuer Features : Al bus-bar laser welding one-body module Features : Al bus-bar laser welding one-bodt module Overview System Diagram