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Large Battery Parts Business

Large Prismatic Battery Parts

We produce the battery parts for large prismatic batteries used in electric vehicles (xEV) and the energy storage system (ESS), and we produce the parts manufactured conforming to various specifications.
We designed the multi-tab type to prevent the battery leakage through ultra-precision welding and increase the capacity, and maximized the space for holding the electrolyte.
In order to increase the output of batteries for electric vehicles (xEV), we are developing an integrated molding type, and for this purpose we have developed and hold the technology of chemical surface treatment and insert injection.
Electric Vehicle (xEV), ESS photo
01Cap Assembly
Cap Cover : Normal Type, Cap Cover : Multi-tab Type, Cap Cover : Molding Type (under Development)
Mold and Press
Mold design/manufacture and batch production of unit product and parts by a press
Production of various standard products including electric vehicles (xEV), the energy storage system (ESS) through mold design know-how.
Reduction of material costs by securing know-how for the manufacture of ultra-precision mold
The technology of precision machining press meets stringent requirements for product stability
Self-manufacture of battery parts including cap plate, vent, membrane
Automated Assembly
Enhanced production capability and price competitiveness by having self-design and manufacture capabilities of automation equipment
Operation of 1.2 million automated assembly lines with high-efficiency based on accumulated know-how for operating mass production facilities operation
Secured ultra-precision laser welding technology for the assembly of precision press production parts
Insert Injection
Application of insert injection into pressed products based on self-developed technology
Enhanced tensile strength and tightness through chemical surface treatment and intaglio etching
Secured cost competitiveness based on parts simplification through insert molding