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Relentless R&D to develop new products

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Business Overview

Small Battery Parts Business

The main products are safety devices used for cylindrical/prismatic batteries, such as cap assemblies, the CID (Current Interrupt Device), the strip terminals acting as the electric path of polymer batteries, and those small cylindrical/prismatic/polymer batteries manufactured using the safety parts above are used in mobile phones, tablets, power tools, electric bicycles and electric vehicles (xEV), etc.
Strip Terminal
Prismatic Cap Assembly

Large Battery Parts Business

The main products are safety devices used for medium/large-size prismatic batteries, such as cap assemblies and cans, and also the strip terminals for medium/large-size polymer batteries are under development. The medium/large-size prismatic batteries using the products above are used in electric vehicles (xEV) and the energy storage system (ESS).
Strip Terminal

New Growth Business

We started the pack module business based on our current technologies that produces existing battery parts and newly developed technologies through steady R&D investment. We produce the prismatic/circular pack modules, which are used in the field of electric vehicles (xEV), electric buses, the energy storage system (ESS), the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), etc.
Battery pack module for ESS (Energy Storage System) Battery pack module for xEV